Destination Kitchen


Steamed Lunch Boxes

For when you're craving something cozy and hearty. Some days you just need to sink your teeth into something warm.

200 - 500 Calories

Cold Lunch Boxes

Because nothing beats crisp, crunchy and colourful ingredients freshly cut and beautifully paired together.

200 - 500 Calories


Just the way mom makes it. We looked for soups around the world and believe it or not, asked the moms how they made it.

250 Calories


The first meal of the day should not be taken lightly. How else is one expected to have a great day?

220 - 320 Calories
“I really like this place for work lunch/dinners that don't send me back to my desk feeling lethargic or bored.”
Hettie M
“The portions are good, the ingredients are colourful, taste fresh and seem to be of high quality and the flavour profiles are surprisingly distinct”
Dorothy L.
“I am not a health-conscious eater. even the thought of salad makes me grumpy. I would never choose healthy food over tasty food.... but now I don't have to.”
Jesse M.

Transparency First

Our service may be quick but our judgement is not

We take the time to keep our cuisine fresh, our people happy and our preparation perfect. That’s why we operate in open kitchens, share where we source our goods and let you know exactly what goes on in your lunch box.

Globally inspired, locally sourced

Our mission is to promote diversity and mindful eating - by bringing people wholesome food that is inspired by authentic local cuisines from around the world. We hope to bring people closer together through the experience of our food.

Our values are deeply rooted in cultivating the quality of our relationships and our products before all else. We aspire to create a culture of inclusion and openness. We consider sustainability in every step we take.This is the journey we care about.


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