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A trip to Thailand
Our new box is making waves! Bangkok is available in all stores now

Got juice?
Certified Organic and Never HPP'd. That's our Cold -Pressed juice promise to you.

  • Who We Are
  • What We Value
  • Why We're Different

We serve field-to-fork fast food (a mouthful, we know). But even more than that, we serve an eating adventure. In every bite, you’ll be sinking your teeth into the traditionally dominant flavours of the foreign cuisine you crave, complemented by the healthful elements you need.What we’re bringing you is a well-seasoned travel experience, straight down the gullet.

Our service may be quick but our judgement isn’t. We take the time to keep our cuisine fresh, our people happy, and our preparations perfect. We pride ourselves on making food right while putting flavour before all else. We’re pioneering a new way of connecting communities and of bridging cultures: through edible immersion. This is the journey we care about.

Leading your palate on a trip around the world is no easy feat. Luckily, we’ve become frequent fliers. Each of our fresh, hot boxes are par-steamed, hand dressed, and teeming with flavor. Our in-house approach retains nutrients, maintains crunch, and enhances taste.Our food blends culture with comfort, it fuses inspiration with tradition, and it balances your diet. We’re here to help you give into what you Crave.


We’re always looking for crème de la crème, those who never settle for mediocrity, the trendsetters and champions of living well, and the ones who are passionate about creating healthy habits.

Sounds like you? Drop us a line at careers@ucrave.ca to learn more about it’s like to join our team.

Line Cook
Line cooks are the people responsible for making sure that food is prepared to the exact specifications of the chef, establishment, and customer. While the line cook is an entry level position, a new cook is responsible for developing his or her technique so that they may move up in the kitchen to positions with more responsibility.
Assistant Manager
The Assistant Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of our restaurant, including the selection, development and performance management of employees. In addition, they oversee the inventory and ordering of food and supplies, optimize profits and ensure that guests are satisfied with their dining experience. The Assistant Manager reports to the GM.
A Restaurant Manager is a little like a jack of all trades. Working as a Restaurant Manager can entail a large number of different duties. In most cases, the restaurant will employ an Executive Chef that oversees the operations of the kitchen itself, but the Restaurant Manager is responsible for everything else that goes into successfully running a restaurant!
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More About Crave

Crave is the first healthy fast food of its kind. Combining traditional elements with new and customized modifications like fruit puree’s as dressings, we have created a new and healthy way for people to creatively approach their next craving.

Crave lets you take control of your eating habits without compromising on taste or health. Let Crave guide you and forge your own path as you tackle cravings. With options limited only by your imagination Crave has something for everyone, so simply ask yourself:

What are you Craving?

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